Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New Work in Progress (Penguins & Vultures)

Hey Folks! Here's the next illustration(s) in the Birds of a Feather series I've been working on. The vultures, having been sent away by the Gate-keeper of Eagle Neck House, as undesirables and uninvited guests, have crept around the boundary wall and are sitting by a broken pailing fence at the rear of the property. They are hidden from the view of the penguin caterers and waiters - always squabbling - by a low hedge. The "naughty" vultures are dreaming of all the food they are going to eat once it is laid out, in all its gastronomic splendor, on the tables of the marquees down by the lake. Hope you like what you see. (The vultures are hoping on the other hand, that they can gate-crash the party before the other birds can get their beaks into the grub.) Cheers. RWS.