Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh for an A3 Scanner

Hey Folks! Just sitting and wishing for that which I cannot afford...

I'd love an A3 scanner sitting here on my computer desk. It would be so much easier than the scan, cut and paste I am currently forced to do when trying to get high res copies of finished illustrations. No, I couldn't possibly draw and paint on a smaller scale, my eyes aren't up to that, not even when wearing my glasses. Enough of my scanner wishes and medical problems.

Today I'm posting some preliminary drawings of intended illustrations for my Birds of a Feather project. You've viewed a few of the finished colour pieces I've done so far, so I thought I'd give you a peek at some of the rougher stuff.

All of the following images are drawn on heavy tracing paper in pencil, so you'll have to contend with graininess and a little grey cast here and there. I've cleaned them up as best I could in Photoshop but the starting point for the clean up wasn't the best either...I've got a new A4 (!) scanner but it's no where near as good as my last, very old, but wonderfully versatile, Cannon 5000 F. It died a natural death - old age - a few months ago...yea Gads but I miss the thing!

Well, here follow the promised scans...forgive the quality please.

Cheers. RWS

Saturday, July 18, 2009

WIP Birds on a Lake. 4th & Final Instalment

Hey Folks. Back at last. No it hasn't taken me this long to finish the picture...a bit busy.

Well here we have the final in progress pic along with the finished piece. I'm quite pleased with the end result mainly because it turned from a painting problem and into a rescue mission. While squeezing some burnt sienna onto my palette, the end of the tube burst - more like exploded! - sending pigment all over the artist, the drawing table, floor and yes, all over the half completed illustration. Needless to say there were a number of words that passed my lips and they weren't sienna, burnt or raw, in colour.

Well I managed to overcome the panic and rescue the painting...just!

See more images from this project here

So here it is Folks, in all it's rescued glory. (The grotty staining still perceptible on the illustration board, is evidence of my cover up mission.)

Cheers. RWS

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WIP - Birds on the lake; installment 3

Hey folks. Two posts in two days! A record.

The images are really self can see in an instant the progress that I've made over a couple of days. Because of the technique I use - multiple translucent glazes - it takes roughly a day per major figure's costume...Slow? Yes. The end result however, is, I think, worth the time and labour. This illustration is also going slower than is usual and this is due to the multiple lighting sources and reflections...lots to consider when laying in colour...each figure, or group of figures, is subject to light in different ways; depending upon where in the composition they are located and whether there are objects that would cast shadows.

Hope you are enjoying the journey. I know that I am.

Cheers. RWS.