Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art of the Absurd - Regency Punk - a WIP - A Bird in The Hand (or, Who Shot Cock Robin?)

(Here I am, back again...the Internet connection is still holding so I'm pushing my luck a little longer; thus...)

Howdy Folks!
As you may recall from a previous post...the one with Klimtian, dancing, straw-necked ibis'...I made mention that I was taking a two year break from book illustration, (did I mention that? Oh. No? Well I am...) and will be devoting myself to fantasy work for the sheer joy of expressing MY own visions. The plan is to exhibit these pictures at a gallery when I have a sufficient number to constitute a reasonable show. I'll announce both where and when as the time approaches. (If there's any interest, of course.) (However, should any of you who may be viewing this blog over the next couple of years wish to purchase one of my offerings, you may do so. The price - in Australian dollars - will be determined by the respective work's size and consequent framing, postage and packaging and 'in transit' insurance costs - glass breaks you know.)

Now, back to the subject at hand...The fantasy work. I'm presently pursuing themes that are very heavy on the late 17th and early 18th centuries with regard to costume and both interior and exterior locations,(landscapes etc.) I've come to think of this as my Georgian or probably more correctly,  my Regency Punk influenced period. (It's my made up term for it anyway.) There will be humour - can't help myself - but with some dark overtones. And at present, I am envisaging introducing modern or futuristic technologies completely alien to the Regency's punk after all. Anyway, that's the plan. On with some pics Rory...

Ain't he lovely? (Oh! By way of a PS on the previous post, the drawings in varying shades of grey are costume and character studies for future paintings. And the paintings will be in a mix of water colour, acrylic gouache, metallic inks and metallic acrylic gouache...hence the need to frame with mats and glass.  )

So, CHEERS for now Folks. Catch ya next time. RWS

WIP - At Last! - the beginnings of; Art of the Absurd - (A personal fantasy project)

Hi ya Folks! Back at last...but only just. I''ve been having no end of computer problems over the past weeks and I'm getting this post in before my connection with the net crashes yet again. My PC is going off to have a complete strip down and re-install just as soon as I'm finished with this posting. When it returns it will be going into the study as a general purpose  machine and not hooked up to the net...I've got a new iMac with an A3 scanner and printer and all the other bells and whistles in the studio now...well it will be, once it's unpacked from its boxes.

No, this doesn't mean that I'm going over to digital image creation; it just means a better way of copying, storing and displaying my trad forms of art.  As you can see from the above images, I'm still using the old fashioned painting and drawing methods.

Not wishing to push my luck any further with my internet connection I shall now sign off and get the machine to the techs for its much needed tender loving care. So, I'll say cheers for now Folks and, hopefully, be back with you soon.