Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Progress and Finished Pic

Hi folks, I said in my first post that preliminary and progress images are as interesting to me as a finished work, here then are a couple of images for you to view along those lines. I forgot to take photos of the earlier steps, prelims etc, but I hope that for the present, these will suffice to show at least one of the steps I go through when creating an illustration.

This is for a children's picture book that I wrote back in the1990s, Birds of a Feather. I have several finished line drawings on tracing paper for this personal project and I'm intending to work them up as finished colour pieces while I have a break from commissioned work. So, you'll be seeing a few more of them in the coming weeks. (The text for this children's book is in ryhme and metre and the lines which accompany this particular image are -: ...So, as the moon rose above the great house, the guests on the lawn played, "Kitten and Mouse",....)

Hope you like them. RWS

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