Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WIP - Lower Panel of Diptych - Vulture Culture

Howdy Folks! When last you visited I had just begun to lay in the various blues and some of the yellows of our vultures in the lower panel. Most of the blues are now complete and it's the yellows that I'm working on. (And that's a lie Rory! As of yesterday, I have only the cat - at left of the composition -  to complete...haven't downloaded the latest progress pics from the camera as yet...sorry....will do so later today. Won't fib in this blog anymore either...promise.)

I've never asked any of the illustrators I know, whether they tire of a piece they are working on or not. This one I'm afraid, has me wishing it were well and truly done...it's taking too long...so much detail and the technique I use for water-colour involves laying down glaze after glaze of colour to build the depth of colour and give a nice luminosity to shadows...so it's my own fault really... isn't it? (My impatience is also fueled by a new project I'm itching to begin - more on that closer to its commencement.)

Well, hope you like it thus far and promise I'll get that pic downloaded from the camera today and posted tonight. Oh, and as our former Prime Minister would say, "It's not a core promise". I'll do my best though...okay?

Cheers. RWS.

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