Monday, February 8, 2010

WIP - The Red Shoes (To be painted in...Okay?)



Howdy Folks! Yes, I know. It's been a while - been very busy. This will be the last in the Birds of a Feather project for quite some time; in fact, once this illustration is complete, it will be the end of book illustration for me for the next couple of years. No, I'm not putting away the brushes nor am I abandoning  this blog, (not that many folk seem to have visited - ?). (Enough self pity, I'll put the tissues aside now.) No, the creation of the painted image is still a part of my life, like breathing, and for the next little while the images you'll be seeing here will not be destined for the internal pages or the covers of books. They'll be firstly for ME and then for you. I hope you'll like them; they will be rather different to the subject matter that this blog has seen since it began.

I have always been fascinated and inspired by, Medieval, Northern European, (read; German) Renaissance and Fantasy art. I thought it about time that I pursued these art interests in my own work. How? I have a rough plan at present but,  the best laid plans, and all that, might mean developments or directions I hadn't anticipated. Exciting eh? I think - hope - so.

To those of you who have, from time to time, left comments - always a pleasure to read - or have become a Friend of this blog -  I give you my heart-felt thanks. To those of you who have visited and returned - with only my blog counter to register your interest - I say thanks also.

So, having made my little announcement, I shall sign off. But before I do, however, I wish to express my hope that once the current work is completed, you will all be willing to join with me in the creative journey I shall undertake in future posts.

Ciao and thank you ALL. RWS. 

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  1. im here Rory! i've been on some other planet.. can say which i'm afraid.. but here having returned.. you know i have great esteem for what you do and admire the great patience you have - mamma mia che pazienza!
    Can you throw some my way for i need.