Sunday, June 20, 2010

WIP - At Last! - the beginnings of; Art of the Absurd - (A personal fantasy project)

Hi ya Folks! Back at last...but only just. I''ve been having no end of computer problems over the past weeks and I'm getting this post in before my connection with the net crashes yet again. My PC is going off to have a complete strip down and re-install just as soon as I'm finished with this posting. When it returns it will be going into the study as a general purpose  machine and not hooked up to the net...I've got a new iMac with an A3 scanner and printer and all the other bells and whistles in the studio now...well it will be, once it's unpacked from its boxes.

No, this doesn't mean that I'm going over to digital image creation; it just means a better way of copying, storing and displaying my trad forms of art.  As you can see from the above images, I'm still using the old fashioned painting and drawing methods.

Not wishing to push my luck any further with my internet connection I shall now sign off and get the machine to the techs for its much needed tender loving care. So, I'll say cheers for now Folks and, hopefully, be back with you soon.


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