Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WIP - The Invalid's Outing - Post #2

Howdy Folks. Two posts in the same month... Ye gads! I'm improving. Two images for you today. The top one is obviously more advanced than the second which has been shot in the mirror; explains the, er, do I say it...yes I will...it explains the mirrored image of the original composition...why avoid a pun when it's just begging to be said?
    Tip, for those of you who don't have a mirror in your studio/workspace, it's a very good idea if you invest in one; nothing grand, just a cheapie from your local bargain emporium will do the job.  The purpose of the mirror is double fold  - it 's an excellent  method to get more light into your work environment and there's nothing like a mirror image to show up your compositional and colour errors  - and your successes - If the image doesn't work in reverse it probably doesn't work the right way round. For example, I hadn't realised until I viewed the mirror image of the picture once the variegated red and green plants had been painted in, that the oval frame within a frame of the composition was as strong as it is...lucky for me it works, eh?
   Turning a picture upside down is a great idea too. It helps with colour and tone/values the way a black and white photo of your painting does. Take a snap of your painting in progress and turn it into a B&W image in your computer - assuming your have one of course. You will see straight away if your colours or your values aren't working as you'd like them to - it stands out like the proverbial sore thumb. (No pun this time...a proverb though...sorry.) [Warning warning, Will Robinson! Don't try telling the time on an analogue clock when viewed in the mirror...it makes your eyes water... and just because it seems to be going backwards, it doesn't mean you'll be younger at the end of your work day.]
  So there you have it for this post Folks. Still lots to do and with Easter almost upon us not much will happen until after the holiday break.
   Cheers one and all and a safe Easter to all.. R.W.S. 

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