Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WIP Continued

As promised - fifteen days ago! - some more WIP pics; sorry, A wip pic singular, of our birds punting by lantern ligh upon a "....bird made lake...". (Haven't got around to down-loading any other images from my camera as yet. I am keeping a record though, so you can look forward to some more boring images when next you visit...not many folk visiting so far tho....??? Oh well...)

Well, you ask, what's been added? Let me see...some more reflected lights, flowers and foliage painted in, cushions and some work on the costumes of the ducks in the foreground boat....Have I missed anything? Let me know if I have...Oh, yes...medium/s...sepia under drawing and acrylic gouache on on Bainbridge, cold pressed Illustration board. (The, so called, acrylic gouache, is beautifully translucent like the watercolours I used to swear by but, unlike watercolour pigments, it is far more versatile - for me at least - and I find it holds up very well with multiple glazes enabling a depth of colour that I just couldn't achieve with the traditional alternative. Shadows too, can be rendered so that they glow as they sometimes do on a hot Australian, Summer's day.

Hope you like what you've seen....Cheers 'til next time...RWS

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