Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am here Folks!

Howdy Folks! Sorry there has been no posting from this dauber for a in the form of a marriage,( my eldest Daughter's) domestic duties, (garden make-over with my lovely wife)...Looking too, to move from semi-rural hilly area to semi-rural by the sea location, (My wife and I have seen the inside of so many houses, other than our own recently that it's been difficult at times to remember what ours looks like...exhausting!) I've also had PC hassles...AGAIN! (without one for a while...for too long a while!) have meant that I've found it difficult, no, I've found it, impossible to keep the blog up to date. Despite all the preceding aspects of life I've listed, I have still managed to get some work done in the studio...haven't kept up with progress photos though, so expect rather dramatic jumps in the, WIP, posts I'm intending to make over the next day or so.

What I'm working on at the moment is another 'Regency Punk' painting...Shooting the Breeze...shall be glad to get it out of the way, been at it for well over six weeks now and I have a well formed idea and some sketches for the next one that I really want to get stuck into. The Breeze is taking so long, as it's a very large picture, physically I mean. Using water-colour as my medium - my favourite - it takes a lot of  work to cover the larger areas of the picture with my glazing technique for depth of colour and richness of the shadows.

Anyhow, enough talk, on with painting...shall post very soon, Folks.

Cheers to all, RWS

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