Thursday, November 11, 2010

SHOOTING THE BREEZE - 'Regency Punk' painting #2 -

Howdy Folks! I'm back at long last! Been lookin' for a new house close to the coast...found one 10 minutes from the centre of  the city...didn't get to the coast after all. (A coastal move will come roughly two years from now, we hope!.) We move in to the new place in four weeks...packing....yeeek!!!!! The studio will need a truck all of its own! (Seven exclamation marks and I've only just begun....! Eight.)

Now on to the business side of this blog...the art stuff.


I quite like this 19th Century, hand-tinted engraving look. What about you Folks?

As I've been neglecting to keep 'Goblin Hunter' updated, I've dumped lots of progress pics here in one instalment...sorry Folks. I've also put some of the preliminary pencil on tracing paper pieces up that have appeared in a previous post - they were mixed in with others unrelated to this painting so, here they are again to give you comes a pun...complete picture.  

Well, there you have it, the latest in the 'Regency Punk'  series, Folks. More to come of course, but due to the upheaval that packing and moving is going to cause it will be a little while before you see another post  with any pictorial content from me. So to you all, thanks for visiting - and, wish me luck with packing and moving the house and studio 50ks from this present location.
Cheers, RWS 

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