Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Pen and Inks

Hey folks. Thought I'd dip into the ancient portfolio and reef out some pen & inks for you to look at. Some of these are drawings, the knights, I did back in the 1980s for a project that unfortunately didn't come to fruition. The furry Australian animals in Manga, Flash Gordon and cowboy mode were for a set of children's activity /colouring books. When I was a child colouring books were always so bleeding boring and the line work rather crude. I tried to give the eventual users of the images a bit of finer linework and subjects they could really get their teeth into...the books sell well so perhaps I succeeded - either that or the parents bought them for themselves...?

Pen and ink as a medium has always been one of my favourite forms of expression but I don't have the opportunity to undertake what I would call, major works, in B&W these days. Not that I don't enjoy using colour, I do, but the sheer tactile pleasure of the pen across the drawing paper can't, for me, be beaten.

Hope you like them even if they are a bit dated. RWS

1 comment:

  1. Hey Rory,
    Great to see you uploading you wonderful work.
    The illustrations for the children’s activity/colouring books are just fantastic!! I am not surprised these books did well!
    The drawings of ‘the knights’ are just breathtaking in detail. You must be the most patient of artists! The work in these leave me speechless especially in those fight scenes featuring many figures. You really are a very talented artist Rory and I have enjoyed viewing these immensely and do not consider them dated whatsoever.
    My best wishes to you,